Curvy Ladies Clothing Reviews


Overall Rating: 42

Product Quality:                 39%

Pricing:                                 39%

Shipping & Returns:          45%

Consumer Rating:              43%

Support:                               40%

The Bottom Line:

Curvy Ladies Clothing Reviews – Curve Lady is an online retailer store for clothes and accessories. They have both Eastern and Western dresses on their website. They deliver their products in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Newzealand, and several other countries. All their items are hand-selected, and customer service is their foremost priority.

Curvy Ladies Clothing Reviews – It has always been a big problem for ladies to find the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion, but this challenge increases twofold if you are a plus-size woman. But now, no more worries for the curvy ladies as the brand “Curve Lady” is offering a solution for this problem by providing elegant and beautiful dressing options for these ladies and much more.

Today we will review whether this website helps provide quality products, their shipment procedure, if this is a legit website or a scam, the payment method used, is their prices are reasonable, reviews of customers, their exchange and return policies, and much more to guide you if you can trust this website as your clothing partner or is it not worth a penny.

Is Curvy Ladies Clothing Website Legit or a Scam?

From the look of the website, it looks legit. Still, many things could be better as hiding the founder’s name, their questionable payment options, the quality of products, and most importantly, customer reviews. To know if the Curvy Ladies Clothing reviews website is legit/a scam, continue reading the following points that will help you decide whether to buy from them.

Who is the Founder?

The name of the founder is, to date, unknown. That could be due to privacy, keeping one’s own private space, or there is another story behind hiding the name of the founder. We can not say anything for sure.

Who is the Domain Registrar, and Date?

The domain registrar is NAMECHEAP INC, and the date on which the domain was registered is 2020-03-07. The registrant details are not available due to privacy policy.

How to Contact?

To contact them, they have their website, which is On this website, they have provided the following email address to contact them about the orders and other concerns They claim they will reply to customer emails within one or at least three working days, no later than that. They have their Facebook and Instagram pages too.

Is The Address Real?

They have yet to mention where they are operating. They have not mentioned their address anywhere on the internet, whether on their Facebook page, Instagram, or website. No talk of the Curve Lady office is mentioned anywhere. That makes their credibility low because you should note an address if you are operating globally. People will return the products if they are unsatisfied with their purchase.

What are the Payment Options?

On the Curvy ladies’ clothing reviews website, online payment options like PayPal, Visa card, and Debit cards are available. According to their website, when you place an order, you will be redirected to the PayPal payment page, where the confirmation about your payment is made by logging in with your PayPal username and password. 

They mentioned that the customer may check if he still needs a PayPal account. To do so, they must click “Pay with Debit/Credit Card” and be redirected to a secure page where customers can enter their credit card information or complete their payment safely via PayPal.

But when I tried to place an order, the only payment method available was PayPal. 

There is no option for bank card payments. If you try to pay with your bank card, it simply redirects you to PayPal. So, they only accept payments made through PayPal.

What is the Product Quality?

The quality of the product could be better. There were even reviews on their Facebook page that the outfits in the images differed from what they received after ordering. Their designs looked copied. There is no uniqueness or edge in their clothes. They are more readily available in anyone’s nearby mall.

Are the Curvy Ladies Clothing Prices Reasonable?

The price range for their dresses is from $23 to $39.99; for tops, it is $19.99 to $32.99. So, in general, their products range from $18 to $40. If you add in delivery charges and custom tax or VAT for some specific countries, then it is not a reasonable price. But as it is all about affordability and your pocket.

Is There A Good Shipping Policy?

Their shipping policy needs to be revised. They have mentioned that at curvy lady, all shipments are sent from different warehouses & are delivered duty-free. All the customs charges are charged after the parcel reaches the destination country, but if any, the customers must pay these charges. 

So, they can charge customers by saying shipment to your country is not duty-free. So keep this point in your mind.

Shipping Time and Delivery charges:

The first step is confirmation of the order; there is a processing time of 1 to 3 days. They have standard and express shipping for the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. They offer standard delivery for US$ 8.99 within 7 to 12 business days; for express delivery, they charge US$12.99 within 3 to 7 business days. For delivery in Australia and Newzealand, they charge US$9.99, and delivery is within 9 to 15 days.

Is There a Hassle-Free Return Policy?

You have to inform them first via email, and they will only return 50% of your payments if the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • Clothes must be unworn, undamaged, and unwashed.
  • Labels should be attached.
  • The return should be done within 15 days.
  • The customers will pay the return shipping fee.
  • Prior notification is necessary before sending back the products.

If these criteria are not fulfilled, there will be no refund. Generally, the curve lady claims that they will make a refund within 5 to 15 business days.

What is the Website Quality?

The quality of the website is appreciable. They have good filters to search for the desired product. The payment redirects for PayPal are also working. At first glance, it is a good website.

Is Website Secure?

Yes, the website is SSL secured with a valid HTTPS certificate.

Is the Curvy Ladies Clothing Brand Registered?

The brand does appear in BBB when searched on Google, but their registration details are unavailable. Whenever we tried to get some points, an error occurred. We assume something needs to be fixed, and they need to be registered.

What are the Ratings on Other Platforms?

On their Facebook page, they have around 24.2K followers. On Instagram, they have less traffic, with about 6.9k followers. The number of posts on Instagram is also significantly less.

How is the Customer Service?

Curvy Ladies Clothing Reviews They claim no compromise on customer services; they believe the customer is their priority. On their website, they have mentioned that they fired those workers who misbehaved with the customers. They have strict policies on customer service.

What are The Curvy Lady’s Customer Reviews?

On their website, there are no customer reviews for several products, while on social media platforms like Facebook, they receive many negative comments, trolls, and bad reviews. Many customers have claimed that curvy ladies’ clothing does not provide the outfit they show on their page. They send different companies of lousy quality.

Kathy Jackson says – 

“I received a shirt from your firm as a Christmas present, which looked nothing like the photo on the website. I was unable to accept it back. I will never make another purchase from you. A report will be made with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs.”

Catherine Z says – 

“IF I COULD, I WOULD GIVE THEM A ZERO RATING……NEVER ORDER FROM THIS PLACE; THEIR SIZING IS OFF. They will not respond. They advertised on Facebook, which is where I first saw their advertisement. I tried several times to gain an address so they could send a larger size and return the three shirts I purchased, but they never responded to my emails.”


You should not order from Curve Lady as, to me; they seem to be a scam. They are not registered and hide a lot of information. The customs duty is not accessible in Canada, and in some European countries such as Italy, Germany, etc, you have to pay VAT. If we talk about the quality of the product, it does not seem wise to spend money to buy their dresses.

Yes, if someone is in a terrible condition where she can not find a dress of her size, she might buy from Curve Lady, but plenty of other legitimate websites are also present. So, it is always your decision.

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