Cronuts Near Me in New York


One of the most beloved bakery items in New York City is the cronut, created by Dominique Ansel. This delectable combination of croissant and doughnut was an instantaneous hit!

Ansel was so surprised at how well people responded to his creation that he introduced a different flavor every month.

1. Dominique Ansel Bakery

Dominique Ansel Bakery is one of the world’s best-known bakeries. Led by James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Dominique Ansel, known for creating his Cronut invention – an incredible croissant/doughnut hybrid that has become a global phenomenon – this bakery also serves savory items such as avocado toast and quiche, as well as offering pastry classes.

At Maison Boulange, you’ll find an extensive selection of pastries such as kouign amann and macarons. Additionally, ordering ahead on their website could allow you to skip pre-dawn lines for the cronut, providing a better chance at receiving one fresh.

If the long wait doesn’t appeal, try one of their unique treats instead! Their Frozen S’mores are an eye-catcher with marshmallows being skillfully grilled before custard ice cream wrapped around chocolate wafer cookies – or try their Cookie Shot made out of an edible chocolate chip cookie, filled with organic Tahitian vanilla milk!

You can expect a quirky yet hipster atmosphere and excellent service at Dominique Ansel Bakery. They’re always happy to answer questions and offer recommendations while providing tips on enjoying their delicious treats (the bakery suggests eating kouign amann within 24 hours!). Plus, when they wrap your treats in adorable paper, it makes the experience unforgettable – be sure to stop by when in the area; you won’t regret your trip and may even run into Dominique himself! Don’t hesitate – stop in when in New York – it won’t disappoint – worth making an effort if nothing else!

2. Carpe Donut

This bakery not only offers delicious cronuts but other delicious doughnuts, with a vast array of flavors ranging from classic glaze and cinnamon sugar varieties to unique coffee crunch or Samoa ones. Additionally, vegan options allow you to experience all of the great tastes associated with a cronut!

Dominique Ansel’s first cronut launch was an instant success. A mix of donuts and croissants, this pastry forever changed the world of doughnuts. Ansel spent two months perfecting his recipe before trademarking its name within nine days – since then, the cronut has enjoyed tremendous popularity with fans around the globe.

While Ansel’s bakery strives to meet the demand for his original cronut, it cannot complete it independently. Lines can stretch around the block, waiting to try one before it runs out for good, but Ansel considers these lines a positive as they force him to innovate and be creative with his product offerings.

Carpe Donut NYC, established in 2016, has done an admirable job of meeting demand since opening. This food truck is famed for its delectable fried goodness and unique flavors that delight locals and tourists alike, not to mention being affordable with plenty of topping options. Alongside serving cronuts, sandwiches, old-school black coffee, and even gift sets perfect for children and adults can also be found here.

3. Alpha Donuts

If you love donuts and cronuts, visit the Alpha Donut Shop in New York City. This small breakfast-oriented diner has been around for decades; its owner is very welcoming, and their donuts are superb! Located conveniently in Sunnyside near Queens Blvd with access to the seven trains, don’t miss it!

The shop’s glazed donut is delectable, boasting plenty of frosting and an irresistibly crunchy exterior. Plus, it comes in various flavors like lemon glazed donuts, coconut glazed donuts, chocolate, and vanilla flavors! For something fruitier, try the raspberry-filled variety, or go for the jelly donut for its great taste and unique textures.

Apart from donuts, this restaurant also provides an assortment of sandwiches and coffee for its patrons who work nearby. Family-owned, they boast friendly owners while their staff is knowledgeable.

This no-frills diner harks back to New York’s gritty Taxi Driver days, even appearing in Robert De Niro’s 2011 film Being Flynn. Its decor and menu perfectly reflect this period, creating an unusual place to stop for food.

Alpha Donut was a neighborhood staple that has served the Sunnyside community for 48 years. Patty Zorbas has run it as a family operation since 1984, when it first opened, according to her owner’s description of itself on its website. Unfortunately, the financial strain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic forced its closure on Friday due to various financial complications, according to taxi driver Pedro Luna’s account of speaking to elderly customers who are distressed about its closure.

4. Shaikh’s Place

This charming diner in Brooklyn is beloved among its locals for its delicious donuts and traditional diner fare, including maple bacon and matcha green tea options. They also offer delectable chicken-and-waffle combos as well as mouthwatering burgers!

Shaikh’s Place has made waves for its out-of-this-world doughnuts despite its humble storefront and unusual name, located at 1503 Avenue U in Brooklyn. Since its opening, customers and veteran food writer Rachel Wharton alike have given it glowing reviews. Even over five months since opening its doors to business, its popularity remains strong.

Pies n’ Thighs was opened by Sarah Sanneh and Carolyn Bane in Williamsburg and is known for its delicious softball-sized cake doughnuts flavored with cinnamon sugar, chocolate, or butter pecan crunch. Although vegan in origin, their offerings don’t compromise when it comes to flavor – especially with one of their chocolate frosted treats with colorful sprinkles!

West Village Bakery West Village Baking Company’s all-female team constantly creates innovative recipes for their devoted clientele. One popular offering is their dense brioche doughnut filled with vanilla cream and dusted with sugar; another delectable option is their delicious firni doughnut filled with an Afghan custard made of milk, sugar, saffron powder, almonds, cardamom, and rose water!

Danny Meyer’s luxurious Manhattan bakery features multiple locations. They are known for their popular cronuts – choux pastry filled with cream, peanut butter, and jelly.

5. The Donut Pub

The Donut Pub stands out among Manhattan shops as an institution, opening on West 14th Street in 1964 and serving fresh-made donuts until dawn every morning since 1964. Even during its closure due to ConEd’s lack of electricity service, its owner, Buzzy Geduld, assured Chelsea Community News that it would reopen soon – in late August!

Customers love this eatery for its friendly staff and homey ambiance, noting their availability despite busy schedules. In addition, this eatery provides delicious food at democratic prices – famous for glazed bacon donuts and breakfast sandwiches, as well as excellent coffee and bitter.

Donut Pub is a family-owned business. Their donuts are soft and pillowy with delicate exteriors. Light and airy, almost airy even, they offer plenty of different topping options like vanilla frosted jelly (which has jelly in every bite!), classic Boston cream, Oreo, and many others. There is even an exclusive vegan case at Donut Pub so that customers can indulge in this treat without worrying of animal products consumption!

The Donut Pub is an ideal spot to meet friends or family for lunch or brunch, offering an extensive menu. Service is prompt and courteous. Cappuccino and tea beverages are provided here, as well as chocolate croissants and Non-Denominational Churches Near Me in New York with customer ratings of 4.6 stars, making this a popular spot after long work days.