Xome property appraisal reviews: Xome is prepared to transform online real estate

Xome property appraisal reviews

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In this article we will have a discussion on Xome property appraisal reviews.  Think of Ebay for homes when describing Xome, a revolutionary online auction platform for real estate. If you’re a bargain hunter, however, and believe you can enter at the last minute and get a cheap house for a minimal price, be aware that Xome doesn’t offer a “pure” auction procedure because bids aren’t completely binding and bid inflation can happen (which we’ll discuss in more detail below).

Nevertheless, every homeowner hopes for a bidding battle, and an auction is likely the best way to achieve that. Additionally, Xome offers substantial financial benefits for both buyers and sellers, including a transaction with no commission for sellers and the potential for a home buyer’s rebate for purchasers.

How efficient is Xome’s auction platform then? Read on to know the answer.

xome property appraisal reviews
xome property appraisal reviews

Describe XOME.

Launched in 2015, Xome is an online real estate marketplace. Individuals can search, buy, and sell properties using Xome, an online auction marketplace for real estate. There are Xome auctions, mortgages, title services, notary signings, and valuation services available on the platform. The closing procedure for a home may essentially be accomplished through the use of an online platform, which can in many ways give real estate experience to people wishing to enter the industry.

The listing kinds accessible on Xome include:

Unique listings

The MLS listings

High-end real estate


Brief Sales

The business’s headquarters are in Dallas, Texas.

There are 5 sites where Xome operates satellite offices, 4 of them are in the USA and 1 in India.

Users of Xome have access to a variety of auctions, including the following:

  • New House up for Auction
  • Auctions that are about to conclude
  • Calendar date of the auction
  • A foreclosure sale may occur

What is XOME  property appraisal?

One of the services that Xome provides its users is Xome appraisal. Determining the market worth of a house or piece of property is one of the most important steps in generating a listing for it, especially if it will be sold at auction. While there are numerous online tools for valuing properties, many of them are erroneous since they try to finish the entire valuation process by relying just on data and algorithms based on past online MLS postings. The Appraisal service offered by Xome aims to counter that. Their top-notch programme makes use of meticulously validated data to determine the potential value of a property. They utilise both MLS and public record data for this, which is then examined utilising data science methods. After software has generated an assessment for a piece of property, one of our USPAS Certified members will check the valuation and confirm its accuracy. This is how customer service guarantees that the quality of the outcomes they provided is monitored.

After the valuation is finished, if you feel that there are issues with the evaluation that need to be addressed more seriously, you can do so by contacting a customer service representative. A knowledgeable employee will address all of your questions and make sure that the pricing you were given was reasonable. Additionally, they will be able to help you with any valuation-related issues you wish to escalate.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • completely digital
  • Free to vendors
  • The vendors’ commission is 0%.
  • a sizable and upscale real estate market


Non-binding auctions:

Regardless of whether a bid wins the auction, sellers have the right to accept or reject it.

Xome’s bids:

As stated in their Auction Marketing Agreement, Xome places bids on properties on behalf of the seller to make sure that offers are competitive.

High commissions for buyers:

To account for realtor commissions and Xome’s auction charge, buyers must add 5% to their winning bids. This increased expense can reduce bids and restrict proposals.

xome property appraisal reviews
xome property appraisal reviews

Potentially unqualified purchasers:

Since Xome doesn’t pre-qualify buyers, sellers must assume that anyone interested in bidding on their property (or seeing their properties) is sincere and has the necessary resources.


Using the convenience of your home, Xome can be a terrific resource for discovering novel and exclusive properties. You can browse the homes and properties that are up for sale without having to register because the auction site is totally online. The procedure of listing your house is equally easy and cost-free if you are a seller. This makes Xome one of the top providers for online auctions and an excellent resource for people trying to acquire a new property. Every part of selling your home will be simple and digitised thanks to Xome’s valuation and closing services.

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