Telegram Android : Is This Messaging App Safe and Secure!

Telegram android

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Telegram android is an instant messaging service that gives you a simple way to communicate with all of your contacts, much like similar apps like Viber, WhatsApp, and LINE. The main difference between them is that Telegram offers you greater security and privacy. With the help of Telegram’s security features, you can chat privately with other users. As a result, all of your communications with them are completely encrypted and are not kept or stored on Telegram’s servers. A “self-destruct” tool that makes your messages disappear after a certain period of time is also available.

Group conversations, file sharing, customised notifications, and other features of major instant messaging systems are also available in Telegram. In many respects, including how it appears, Telegram is an instant messaging application that resembles WhatsApp. However, a lot of people could find the added seclusion it provides to be rather enticing. Don’t want certain friends’ conversations to be recorded? Once you’ve programmed them to self-destruct after 10 seconds, you’re good to go!

telegram android
telegram android

Features of Telegram messaging:

When determining whether Telegram is the right app for you, take into account the following crucial aspects:

  • Telegram apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and common browsers are all available on GitHub.
  • More than 500,000 users are active.

We downloaded and examined the desktop and mobile Telegram apps for our assessment.

Telegram for Android:

Downloading the software and entering your phone number are required to set up Telegram on an Android device. This is comparable to Signal messenger, which necessitates the usage of a phone number. The Android APK can be downloaded straight from the Telegram website or through the Google Play store. You can use the Telegram app to connect with other Telegram users using text, voice, images, video, group messaging, and channels once you’ve finished installing and creating your account (subscription broadcasts). Also supported is file sharing.

Telegram app advantages or benefits:

The Telegram app has the following features or benefits:

  • The Telegram app offers unlimited cloud storage that may be used to store documents, media files, photos, messages, and more.
  • Users can send image/video files by using the compress and uncompress settings.
  • In comparison to Whatsapp’s 256 members, a group in Telegram can have up to 2 Lakh members.
  • The “Username” option in Telegram conceals the user’s contact information. Consequently, a person can send messages to any group without disclosing their phone number. Additionally, a user can send a message to anyone without knowing their phone number.
  • The “channel” function enables users to post and read messages that are comparable to group messaging. The channel’s creator chooses which users have access to post.
  • Telegram is compatible with a variety of operating systems and browsers, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android.
  • Two users can safely interact by using the “secret chat” feature.
  • Through Telegram, users may share and receive any type of file.
  • In Telegram, a user can sign in to many clients at once. As a result, the user can simultaneously receive messages on all of their devices.
  • Cookies are not used by Telegram for marketing purposes. It solely uses cookies to give users a better experience.
telegram android
telegram android

Telegram app flaws or downsides:

The Telegram app has the following problems or disadvantages: In contrast to “Signal app,” it does not provide security for the “group chat” feature. Secret conversations are not recorded. “Self Destructing messages” are only offered in hidden chats. Telegram does not support the ads feature. The upcoming versions might contain it.

The safety of Telegram:

WhatsApp, which is owned by data-harvesting Facebook, is a better alternative than Telegram since it is encrypted, private, secure, and autonomous. Without the users’ consent, the British consulting firm Cambridge Analytica gathered data on millions of Facebook users in 2018 for political advertising. An EU privacy watchdog penalised WhatsApp $255M in 2021 for failing to disclose how it handled user and nonuser data and for sharing user data with other Facebook-owned businesses.

All Telegram messages are encrypted, but only during the portion of their journey from your device to the servers. Once it gets to Telegram servers, where Telegram might be able to see it, your data is decrypted. This makes end-to-end encryption essential.


As with any technologies, the Telegram app has a few drawbacks, which were previously mentioned. Despite these few shortcomings, telegram has gained popularity and is continuing to do so because of the many advantages it has over mobile apps like Whatsapp.

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