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Read Ollypop Clothing Reviews before you buy garments from them! In 1999, Mr. Rajesh Mundhra led the founding of Ollypop, which has since enriched children’s childhoods all throughout the nation. Ollypop distinguished itself as a top maker of children’s clothing in India for a significant 20-year period, despite great difficulty, research, and effort. Ollypop makes every effort to give the highest quality fabric for maximum comfort and ease because children are God’s most precious blessings. The business is the only recognized producer of children’s clothing in Kolkata and the first to use Supima cotton, one of the best cottons available. Ollypop is the most popular brand of kid’s clothing because of its high-quality fabric and cutting-edge patterns.

The business has been providing parents and children with a wide selection of clothing for newborns to 14-year-old teenagers. Kids in the modern world are intelligent, fashion-conscious, and have a big say in what they wear. Ollypop has consistently made an effort to achieve industry standards while keeping their products attractive and kid-friendly in order to satisfy their customers’ expectations. Ollypop pays close attention to ensuring that no hazardous chemicals are utilised in the manufacturing process and is a Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified producer.

Ollypop Clothing Reviews
Ollypop Clothing Reviews


To retain its distinctiveness, Ollypop introduces a wide range of variety in its products throughout the year. Rompers, Shirts, T-shirts, Frocks, Night Wear, Bermuda, Joggers, Jackets, Hoodies, Jeans, Leggings, Sweaters, Thermals, Shorts, Blankets, and Inner Wear are just a few of Ollypop’s items. Numerous of its products are available in organic cotton with bright digital prints. For twenty long years, Ollypop has brought a bright smile to every child’s face.

What Makes Ollypop Such A Popular Brand:

The attention paid to even the smallest details during the creation of the finished products is the key to Ollypop’s success. The best yarns, high-tech equipment in the warehouse, an eco-friendly manufacturing method, competent technicians, and talented and creative designers work together to create the amazing Ollypop goods. Ollypop brings in the best of its products to meet the demand of the season in order to satisfy the demands of kids for every season. Winter season brings in warm and cosy thermals and winter clothes, while the Ollypop spring collection has bright floral prints to welcome spring. To combat the heat, the summer collection offers comfortable, breathable cotton clothing.

Summary Of Ollypop Products

Ollypop produces a wide variety of clothing items, including shirts, dresses, nightgowns, jackets, hoodies, jeans, blankets, thermal wear, joggers, Bermuda, leggings, sweaters, etc. Ollypop’s slogan, “Colours of Childhood,” has a purpose. Ollypop is aware that the current generation is fashion-conscious; even young children are aware of what they want to wear and what is popular right now. Ollypop works hard to serve kits customers with fashionable products (kids).

Ollypop Clothing Reviews
Ollypop Clothing Reviews


Products Available

For both boys and girls, the store offers a large selection of apparel with digital prints. There are floral prints, prints of the universe, prints of the beauty of nature, prints of abstract art, etc. These patterns are all on colourful cloth. The shop also sells adorable dresses for girls. These dresses come in both vivid and neutral solid colours. These dresses can be combined with adorable lace-up shoes to create a full look for your little girl. There are t-shirts, shorts, nightgowns, night suits, and more nightwear options.

The goal of Ollypop is to carry on its tradition of offering top-notch clothing for kids of all age groups, with captivating designs and vibrant colours that evoke the warmth of a mother’s embrace. It is on a mission to design trend-forward lifestyle apparel and accessories for the children’s fashion market by fusing modern design with an offbeat, sophisticated city attitude. Olliepops designs are influenced by cultures all over the world, well-fitting, cosy, and provide clients “value for money.” To keep the brand’s dynamism, the skilled team of creative designers is constantly looking for new products to introduce for all seasons.


Ollypop wants to build a future where it can offer products of the highest calibre. It has a vision for excellence. Ollypop clothing can survive children’s liveliness because it is made of sturdy, resilient fabric. The kids clothing market offers clothes for infants (0–6 months), toddlers (7–2 years), children (3–8 years), pre-teens (9–12 years), and early teenagers (13–15 years), and Ollypop carries a vast selection of clothes for every age group. Ollypop has introduced three new product lines, including First Smile, Lazy Bones, and Ollypop Inner Wear, with plans to expand the selection in the years to come. With more than 125 devoted distributors all around the nation, Ollypop has the ambition to grow and fortify its customer and distributor network as production levels rise.


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