Nrma Home Insurance Review: Everything You Need To Know

Nrma Home Insurance Review

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Here we will elaborate Nrma Home Insurance Review. For the previous six years, experts have been constantly satisfied with NRMA’s home insurance solutions, which led to it being named one of the Exceptional Quality Home Insurance winners of 2022. The service, which has been offering protection to Australians for a century, also won for Exceptional Value. One benefit of its thorough Home Plus Building and Contents coverage is a safety net of 25% underinsurance in case rebuild costs exceed your budget. Additionally, there is an optional pet lover’s pack and automatic coverage for extreme weather events like floods and plant damage up to $2,000 in value.

Nrma Home Insurance Review
Nrma Home Insurance Review

What is covered by home insurance from NRMA?

The following policy choices are available through NRMA:

  • Building homes
  • Inside the house
  • Structure and contents of a home
  • Insurance for tenants
  • Insurance for one item

Here are a few major situations that an NRMA home insurance policy can protect you from.


Storm damage is typically covered by Nrma home insurance coverage. Therefore, if you have insurance, any damage brought on by wind, hail, rain, or lightning will be covered.


Bushfire damage and fires are often covered by Nrma house insurance policy. It also covers unintentional fires and wildfire soot damage.

Breakage of glass

Your homeowners insurance will cover cracked sinks, toilets, and shower pans. The same goes for solar panels, broken windows, and pool fencing. Knowing the distinction between your home’s fittings and fixtures, as well as how your insurance handles them, may also be useful.


when a burglary attempt results in the theft of stuff from your home or damage to your home. To have the incident covered by your homeowners insurance, you must report it to the police.

Escape of liquid

This may seem strange, but it covers damage caused by liquid that suddenly escapes or damage caused by liquid that progressively escapes over time without being detected by you. It includes a 21-day cooling-off period, as is typical among insurers. As long as you do not file a claim, you may cancel your policy within three weeks of purchasing it without being charged. In addition, you’ll be required to pay one of the following excesses, depending on what you’re claiming for: basic, seismic, or special.

The benefits of NRMA house insurance

Common characteristics

NRMA house insurance can assist in paying for the following expenses and more if an insured catastrophe like a storm, fire, or theft occurs:

  • Tree, shrub, and plant life
  • Cleaning up after demolition
  • The cost of a funeral
  • Locksets and keys
  • Tracking down the damage’s origin
  • Maintaining building codes

Additional options

There is a sizable selection of add-ons available from NRMA. Among them are the following:

  • Unintentional harm
  • Electric motor burnout – fusion
  • Pet lovers’ gang
  • Inside your house are valuable possessions.
  • Mobile components
Nrma Home Insurance Review
Nrma Home Insurance Review


There are several events for which the NRMA will not provide coverage, as with all insurers. In the following circumstances, your NRMA Home Insurance claim won’t be compensated:

  • It’s for wear and tear, corrosion, depreciation, or rust.
  • It is for tidal wave, mould, or erosion.
  • Unless it is caused by an earthquake, it is for subsidence or landslides.
  • For weather-related issues or extremely high temperatures
  • Insects or vermin are the culprits.
  • It results from tree roots, tree removal, or tree cutting.
  • It results from acts of terrorism or war.
  • It has to do with the legitimate taking of your house or its contents.

For an exhaustive list of exclusions, make sure to read the NRMA home insurance PDS.

Complains about NRMA home insurance

From July 2020 to June 2021, the Australian Financial Complaints Authority collected data on complaints about home insurance. The information compares the size of the business of various underwriters to the quantity of complaints handled. Keep in mind that insurers with a bigger market share service more clients and may receive more complaints when comparing them to insurers.

NRMA (Insurance Australia Limited Performance )’s is summarised as follows:

Although Insurance Australia Limited received over 1,000 complaints, it performed better than comparable suppliers like AAI Limited. Additionally, it had a higher success rate than competitors in immediately resolving client issues. Although there were fewer complaints than with AAI Limited, it might not be the ideal option for customer service. The majority was given to QBE Insurance Limited.

Our Opinion

  • The workmanship of authorised repairs to your house is covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • If you merely want to insure stuff like your phone or laptop, it’s one of the few suppliers to offer single item cover.
  • In contrast to other insurers like Budget Direct, St. George, and Westpac, don’t provide many discounts or sign-up incentives.


If you want single item insurance or a major, established insurer, NRMA house insurance is a decent choice, but there are other places where insurers provide greater sign-up discounts.

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