How Video Slot Games Can Increase Your Anxiety

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I’m off to Google. When I Google “video slot games,” the first two sites do not pique my interest. I don’t bother checking on them. I’m intrigued by the fourth one, so I selected the link. The site appears full of pop-ups, so I exit quickly and anxiously check my spyware for damage. Everything is fine. The Interesting Info about slotxo.

I finally came across what appears like a lovely site. There aren’t many flashy images. The content seems well thought out, and the site’s owner focuses on what they want to promote me. I determined that I didn’t want to waste my time with free downloads in the hopes of winning big money. I choose to join up with my Neteller account.

It was a lot of fun browsing the site and seeing the great setups for various slot machines. When I’m playing slots, I enjoy the sparkle and color. It transports me back to New Orleans, where I played my first slot machine on a sweltering August day about a century ago. At least, it appears to be that far distant from me. So Before pulling levers on my new game, I should pour myself a glass of wine to relive my “Harrah’s” experience.

I’m happy with how simple it was to register for this site. I also appreciated the initial bonus I got. After that, I had no trouble getting my account up and running. I think I’m in for a good time tonight.

I wonder if I will win any money as I play and appreciate the bells and whistles. I resolve to increase my Maximum Bid slightly. That’s exactly what I needed. So, here’s your opportunity to win some real money! Naturally, I win a few times per draw and then lose a few times. I’m beginning to dream and hope that I’ll be able to come out even! Still, I’m pouring my second drink now and getting hooked on this slot machine!

What would you expect? My front door is producing a strange knocking noise. I disregard it because I don’t want to interrupt my game. However, the entry is becoming noisier and more obnoxious.
It irritates me greatly. I break from my game to discover a human on the other side of my loud door. I’m not familiar with them. It’s some strange woman who wants to sell me something. I respectfully replied, “Thanks but no thanks,” and shut my door. Now I’m thinking of putting a rather mean ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign on my door, with an image of a gnarly, nasty dog with rabies on it. I’m wondering if that would work…..

I return to my game. I’m on a mission right now. I’m getting closer to where I was when I first began. Yahoo! I almost spilled my cup on my keyboard. I’ve realized there’s no going back now. My new video slot game has captured my heart. It’s now mine. It’s all mine.
It’s a simulated work of art. Harrah’s Honey is the moniker I gave it. My wagers become riskier and larger. I resolve to give it my all.

But now I’m back on the downhill spiral. I’m losing steam. I can see the big bonus diminishing in front of my eyes. DO NOT BE GREEDY! I tell myself this. BREAK DOWN. I do. I made an online beast. Or am I the monster? What exactly am I doing?

I need to satisfy my desire for my new tool right now. I see myself losing my vehicle and my home to an addiction! Then I understand; hold on a second! This is just a pastime! This is an online video slot machine, not a giant hairy monster I frequently see pursuing me in my dreams! It’s a cute, flashy slot machine that I can switch on and off with a finger! I sign out and take a deep breath.

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