How To Clean Your Room Fast

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Keeping our house clean is very important. Because if the place we live in is unclean, we will get sick, so I need to keep our home clean to stay well and keep it beautiful.

Cleaning your house may seem tedious, but there are ways to make this task faster and more enjoyable. By adopting an organized approach, you can clean your home in no time: Make your Bed, throw away any trash, put things back in their proper places, put away unnecessary things, and clean things as needed, including dusting.

So you can use the technique of listening to music while working on getting these tasks done beautifully, or you can use a game to make cleaning your house fun while working. It will clean your house and work quickly without fatigue; you can also complete it.

Here are some step-by-step procedures on how to clean your room quickly:

1. Put on some music-

Make sure the music makes you want to sing and dance. Music will help you to narrow down your work time quickly and finish the work with pleasure.

2. Open curtains or blinds to let in light and make your Bed-

It will help you get some extra energy and see how you’re doing. Having a bed made makes a tremendous difference in the beauty of your room, so in just 5 minutes, you make your Bed.

3. Start by discarding the arvajana-

Clutter is easy to spot, and cleaning it up makes your home look cleaner. So please pick up all the garbage found in your house and put it in a bin.

4. Rearrange bedroom items such as books, clothes, shoes, toys, etc.-

Pile all the misplaced things in your room in one place, then move the same items from the pile to different areas, such as books, toys, clothes, shoes, etc.

Then put these same things in their respective places, like clothes in the wardrobe, books and notebooks on the reading table, toys in the toys, shoes in the shoe box, and so on. And unnecessary books, clothes, toys, and other things you want to keep in a specific pile of garbage to throw away later.

Pack up something you may need later and store them in another room. So this work will make your room look more open and clean-looking.

5. Remove the dirty dishes-

If you eat in your room, leftover food and dirty dishes strewn around, you will make your room look filthy, so remove dirty dishes and dirty food and put them in the kitchen, cleaning dirty dishes immediately if you can. Wash because doing your own thing is a virtue.

So always eat in the dining room instead of eating in your room. It will always make your house look clean.

6. Move the objects in other rooms to their proper places-

Immediately remove all things that do not belong in your room and put them in their designated place in another room. Like younger and older brother-sister books, toys, blankets or teddies, clothes, etc.

7. Clean your furniture tops-

Wipe all the furniture, glass, etc., in your room well with a damp cloth, and it will clean all the oily, greasy dirt and dust from your furniture, making it look nice and shiny.

8. Vacuum!

Be sure to vacuum from all corners around your room, including beds, closets, under other furniture, and even carpets, as this will make a room look much cleaner. And when no dirt is on your table, your other things will not be dirty or impure.

So always keep the table or empty areas of your room clean; it will make it look fantastic. And if your desk is hard, you can use a stiff broom instead of a vacuum to remove dust and dirt. Then, it can be cleaned by wiping it with a wet cloth.

9. Make the room smell friendly-

Open all the doors and windows in your house to let in natural air and light, then spray your home with some scented air freshener – it will give your house a pleasant smell and make it feel cleaner.

Dirty laundry makes your room smell, so ensure it is washed before spraying it with an air freshener. So yours by extending the beautiful smell with air freshenerHope the room is spotless.


It is essential always to keep your house clean because it looks good and you will enjoy living in it.

So we all should keep our house always clean, your body and mind will always be good, and you will feel happy about your clean house. So with the above process, you can clean your house quickly.


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