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Free typing games offer children an engaging way to learn the QWERTY keyboard. Most games provide multiple levels and focus on different rows of keys; others may focus on specific lessons to develop speed and accuracy. Obtain the Best information about LOLBeans.

Space enthusiasts of any age will love this game that teaches typing while shooting cute aliens down! Players type letters written under each alien to shoot it down!

Alpha Munchies

This free typing game features multiple difficulty levels for kids of all ages. Players help a ninja fight monsters by typing words to hit them; any time a monster escapes their strike zone, they lose one life, and the game concludes if all three lives have been used up. This provides an ideal opportunity for younger children to practice quick typing!

ZType is an enjoyable classic arcade-style game similar to Space Invaders; players must shoot aliens by typing letters they hover over with their keyboard keys. In addition, ZType features a level of difficulty and accuracy tracker so players can monitor how well they’re doing at blasting away aliens!

Keyboard Fun is an educational program designed to teach children to touch typing using instructional videos and challenging games. This interactive approach leads to proper finger placement, allowing children to compete against friends worldwide. Anchoring lessons provide additional support as students advance in levels. Once a group has been successfully passed on, the certificate of completion is awarded.

Space Bar Invaders

Space Bar Invaders is an example of an updated classic that adds modern features or changes the gameplay for added fun and challenge, such as typing practice.

Move and shoot using the arrow keys, while keyboard fire should be used against waves of alien invaders that appear. As levels progress faster and drop, more bombs will appear and must be destroyed with the keyboard.

A fast and fun game, Invaders from Space can quickly become challenging as you play. Controlling invader movements to give yourself an advantage can be done using power-ups; Richie Knucklez from New Jersey, USA, currently holds the high score with 184,870 points! With many levels and the option to customize word pools, this is a great way to test typing skills! Take advantage of it – download it now for free.


Free typing games give children a great way to develop speed and accuracy while having fun! They’re also beneficial for adults looking to increase speed when typing faster; many top games allow players to select specific keyboard rows or words they wish to focus on and feature various difficulty levels.

Keyboard Climber 2 is an arcade-style game perfect for beginner keyboardists. Players jump from platform to platform, collecting bananas while typing letters and numbers quickly while collecting caps, locks, and number keys, providing a comprehensive online typing tutor experience.

Nitro Type offers customizable typing games explicitly designed to challenge advanced typists while tracking their progress over time. Users can select any area on the keyboard they would like to focus on, from home row keys to entire words; users may also choose their difficulty level and play together. Other fun options include Pac-Man-esque Keyman and Keyboard Scuba, which take typists on diving adventures!


Remember the classic TI-81 calculator game Snake? This free typing game uses the middle and index fingers on both hands to guide a serpent-shaped serpent into fruit, using quick thinking and quick fingers to avoid its long body. Kids can select their keyboard section for practice, making switching games simple.

Though typewriters have become collectible items, knowing how to type remains an invaluable life skill. These online typing games make practicing fun with adventures involving animals, songs, and race cars!

The BBC offers numerous free typing games that provide enjoyable and flexible practice for children. For example, dance Mat Typing delivers a vibrant and entertaining way for youngsters to learn touch-typing; children follow along as the instructions progress through four levels focusing on different letters while encouraging proper form. Furthermore, this game can be used across devices, making it ideal for families with multiple children learning touch-typing simultaneously.

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