Detailed Guide On How To Use Facebook Offline!

How To Use Facebook Offline

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In this article, we’ll cover some of the most popular operating systems and demonstrate how to use facebook offline. You can no longer use Facebook Messenger solely to joke about with your buddies. Your SMS messages can be read, phone calls can be made, and even video calls can be made, depending on the platform you’re using. You might want to take a little break from Facebook if it all gets to be too much and you get tired of being bothered every day. In other words, it’s time to vanish and show up as unavailable on the platform. But how? It’s more difficult stated than done given the number of versions of the software. 

On the Facebook Web App, appear offline

Facebook made one of its most significant design changes to date in the middle of 2020 when it abandoned the home page format, which had served as the foundation for the design for almost ten years. Facebook abolished the confusing distinction between Facebook Chat and Facebook Messenger as part of the revamp. The two apps were previously linked to the same collection of messages in your inbox, but they had somewhat separate feature sets and operated in slightly different ways.

Thankfully, that is no longer the case; users just need to be concerned with Facebook Messenger. You must now click the Messenger symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the web app if you wish to become invisible on Facebook and Messenger.

How To Use Facebook Offline
How To Use Facebook Offline

You now have two choices to make

By clicking on the three horizontal dots and choosing Turn off active status, you may also make the adjustments through the pop-up box. You may also select See all in Messenger by clicking the Messenger icon to go directly to the main Messenger window. Afterward, select Preferences from the menu by clicking on the three dots in the upper left corner of the screen. Whichever method you choose, Facebook will give you some further options to let you better tailor your invisibility.

The following three choices are available to you:

  • Delete all contacts’ active statuses
  • For all contacts except one, disable the Active Status setting
  • Just selecting contacts can have Active Status disabled.

When you use these choices effectively, you can appear offline to some users (like employers) while still being visible online to particular friends or family members.

Apps from the Windows Store for Facebook that appear offline

There are two Facebook apps available in the Windows Store: a standard Facebook app and a Messenger-only app. You can only appear invisible if you utilise the main Facebook app and follow the aforementioned procedure. If you use the Messenger app exclusively and don’t use Facebook, click on your profile picture in the top right corner, choose Preferences, and then select the Active Status tab on the screen’s left side, in the panel. To alter the setting, slide the toggle. It’s important to note that both apps have negative ratings; therefore, we do not suggest them as the top option to access Facebook on your computer.

On the Facebook Messenger apps for iOS and Android, appear offline.

The functionality of the Android and iOS Messenger apps is nearly identical, despite a few very small cosmetic variations. On all platforms, it is the identical procedure to turn yourself invisible when communicating. Making yourself appear offline through the main Facebook app is no longer available; you must also have the Messenger app loaded. When you have done that, touch on your profile image and go to Active Status to make the modification.

How To Use Facebook Offline
How To Use Facebook Offline

Do You Stay Invisible on Facebook Messenger?

Even while it’s simple to appear offline since the 2020 update, it’s still not as user-friendly as a service like Skype or Zoom. As a result, it is simple to assume that Facebook has hidden agendas. Whether it’s true or not, you should be aware of the procedure so you can always pretend to be offline.


Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004, and it is now among the biggest social networking sites on the internet. Facebook has a huge user base; billions of people use it to keep in touch with one another. You can now adjust your active status in the chat feature to unavailable to appear as though you’re not online if you use Facebook and don’t want to be bothered by chat requests while using Facebook. You will continue to receive messages even after you switch off your active status; however, they will be sent to your inbox for later reading. Both computers and mobile devices allow you to disable your Facebook active status.

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